Modern Historical Instrument Makers' Marks

In the course of collecting modern reproductions of historical instruments over the years, it has become apparent that it would be useful to compile a visual reference guide to the marks used by modern makers of historical wind instruments, which due to the limitations of surface area tend to more concise and abstract than other instruments.

This page is a preliminary effort to produce such a reference guide to the various marks which appear on 20th and 21st century recorders, flutes, shawms, crumhorns, dulcians/curtals, sordunes, kortholts, etc., sourced from my own collection and public online sales listings.  

Corrections and additions are welcome. 

Please submit them via the contact form, accessible here.

Stefan Beck
Paul Beekhuizen
Ture Bergstrom
Stephan Blezinger
Adrian Brown
Roderick Cameron
Robert Cronin
John Cousen
H. C. Fehr
Donald Gill
Michael Grinter
John Hanchet
Jan Hermans
Terry Mann
Erik Martens
John McCann
Ernst Meyer
Eric Moulder
Monika Munsch
Luca de Paolis
Luca de Paolis
Fernando Paz
Martin Praetorius
Paul Richardson
J. M. Scott
Norm Stoecker
Ralph Sweet (Sweetheart Flutes)
Li Virghi
Stéphanie & Alain Weemaels
Richard Wood
von Huene
Gunter Korber
Rainer Weber
Ben Bechtel
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